This is a one-day dynamic course that delves into both personal leadership skills and organizational leadership techniques for the law enforcement executive and manager. This course gives a real-world look at the key components necessary to lead in a way that inspires followership, and helps you build new techniques for identifying what matters most to your agency and to your own personal leadership in the organization. The class will also cover:

  • Understand why change efforts fail
  • How to identify what “good performance” really looks like
  • Understand the power and potential of discretionary effort
  • Understand the dynamics that increase employee engagement and why it matters to the future of your organization
  • Keys to successful project management
  • Key elements of a vibrant professional development plan and how to build future leaders for your agency

This workshop is designed for senior law enforcement executives, mid managers and insightful supervisory staff who want to learn more about effective leadership techniques, the leadership and management of law enforcement organizations, and how to define and measure success for the future of your agency.