Employee & Community Surveys

Employee and Community Surveys

Performance Leadership Institute, Inc. offers its employee and community survey tools in conjunction with our Organizational Assessment services or as stand-alone services.

The PLI Employee Survey is designed to gauge employee opinions in seven key areas critical to the success of any law enforcement organization and includes our executive team’s recommendations for a follow-on implementation process designed to create meaningful change within supervision and agency practices. The employee survey instrument can be used in conjunction with our in-house leadership training or on its own to gather a snapshot of employee satisfaction and opinions. The process is valuable for involving employees in future planning for the agency and building ownership in agency goals and objectives.

The PLI Community Survey process is designed to gather citizen opinions about your agency’s services and citizen expectations regarding future levels of service. The process is statistically-valid and gathers data from a random sample of citizens representing a true cross-section of your community. This ensures you receive a high level of accuracy in your survey data. The process is customized and personalized — we work directly with you and your team to design a survey instrument that is specifically suited to your needs and in line with how you intend to utilize the data. Community survey information is very valuable for planning for the future of your agency, presenting your agency’s needs to budget decision makers, and formulating how to better engage and communicate with your citizens. The process can also be used to help map out informational strategies for elections, bond measures and other funding measures for your agency.

To receive a customized proposal for an employee survey or community survey for your agency, contact April Lee by phone or email at (541) 490-5300 or alee@pli.us.com.