Performance Leadership Institute, Inc. was formed in 2007 with our focus being on helping to make a difference in law enforcement agencies throughout the west – by helping executive leaders map better plans for the future of your organization, improve communication, create better funding results, and build better employee performance and community outreach. We focus on delivering practical solutions provided through the expertise of practicing law enforcement professionals and industry experts who can give you real-world knowledge, ideas, and techniques to improve your agencies. Our team has decades of knowledge and experience in the law enforcement field and we can help you in the following ways:

We currently have a cadre of instructors who provide both open enrollment and customized training that meets state training requirements and elective training hours, in the areas of executive and mid-manager leadership, first line supervision, strategic planning, organizational alignment and development, employee performance, internal and external communications and marketing, media relations, legal issues and risk management, managing the generations, coaching and counseling, performance measures, ethics, dealing with the mentally ill, and jail leadership.

If you have a training need, give us a call – more than likely, we have the resources and expertise to customize a package to meet your unique needs.

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We offer customized facilitation for a number of critical situations in agencies -whether it’s getting your team on board as a new Chief or Sheriff, improving communication among command staff, developing a strategic plan for your agency, getting supervisors and managers on the same page, developing a mission, vision and values, or working through conflict and challenges with your team. Our facilitators are trained to help you get issues addressed, and work toward practical take-aways that ensure real change and implementation rather than just discussion and philosophy. Our facilitation allows senior executives to be part of the process -and helps bring in an outside perspective that understands your issues and can move you to real change and progress.

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We have a team of law enforcement, communication, media, jail/corrections, mental health, and legal experts who can help you assess any or all aspects of your organization and offer recommendations for improvements. This is ideal during times of conflict, significant organizational change, or if you simply want to take your organization to the next level of excellence. Our team can also assist you with making credible third-party presentations to County Commissions, City Councils, community groups or advisory groups about the strengths and needs of your agency. As a senior executive, if you want to make some real changes in your agency, this is the place to start!

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We offer a number of our staff as Keynote Speakers on a range of topics similar to those outlined above for our training. If you are part of a law enforcement group that needs customized training or motivational speaking for your next event, contact us for a complimentary price quote. We work regularly with groups to offer 3 hour, half day and full day speaking and training events.

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We have years of experience putting together marketing plans, advising on PIO, media and marketing issues for law enforcement agencies, providing coaching to senior leaders on their communication style and methods, and running political and levy campaigns on law enforcement related issues, whether it’s election or re-election campaigns, new jail initiatives or levy campaigns. We can assist with designing an effective campaign, developing messages and materials, working with campaign advisory groups, mapping campaign strategies and many other aspects of campaign and communication management.

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We would like to be added to your contact list in the event you are seeking bids or proposals for any of these types of services or if you’d like to discuss a customized program for your agency. You can contact us at the following:

April M. Lee
Performance Leadership Institute, Inc.
3319 West Augusta Court
Coeur d’Alene, Idaho 83815

Phone: (541) 490-5300

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