Performance Leadership Institute, Inc.’s most significant mission is to Make A Positive Difference in the lives of our clients, in the agency’s we work with and in the industry we are dedicated to serve. To us, that’s not just a slogan on the wall, but a personal and professional commitment that comes across in all we do—from the services we offer to the personnel we employ. Our focus is on working with law enforcement agencies and those in the criminal justice system to bring about meaningful change that has an impact in the work that happens on the street to keep our communities safe. While we may be a for-profit company, our most significant payment comes when clients such as these tell us “The help you provided made a positive difference in our agency.” We are honored to have helped make that difference with the clients highlighted here as well as many others throughout our service area . (See more client testimonials here.)


PLI worked with the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department for more than a year on leadership training for all supervisory and command staff, a survey of all employees and a survey of the community, facilitation of a comprehensive strategic planning process, facilitation of a communications planning process to improve both internal and external communication, a staffing analysis to analyze operational efficiencies and future needs, and follow up monitoring meetings to ensure their strategic plan and communications plan stays on track.

“Having PLI provide a strategic plan and communications plan was a natural “next step” for our department. These consultants obviously have the experience and expertise in what they shared with our department. In dealing with several consultants over the years who don’t have an understanding of how a 24/7 agency works, let alone both patrol and a jail, PLI has been a positive change. We could not have asked for a better way to bring our members from just standing on the sidelines to a point where they are now wanting to take an active part in the future of our department. Through it all PLI has been a good sound board for us as we have navigated through the uncharted waters that comes with initiating a strategic plan and communications plan. The key word for this effort is “investment”. The funding we spent on this will be minor in comparison to what our agency can become if we make the most of this opportunity we have been given.”

Eileen Bisson, Undersheriff

“PLI worked very hard to become familiar with our Department. It has been extremely helpful that PLI possesses law enforcement and corrections experience and knowledge. Even with this experience our agency does do business differently and they were able to ask for the information from us that brought them up-to-speed quickly on how the organization is structured, budgeted and managed. We very much appreciated how quickly they got to know our people and built trust among those they were working with on the plans. We have appreciated their honesty and direct approach in communicating the issues and listening to feedback, as well as their willingness to support us through some critical times where communication was a high priority.”

Julie Williams, Strategic Plan and Communications Plan Coordinator