Organizational Assessments

Organizational Assessments & Planning Implementation

When faced with organizational change, leadership changes, unique internal or external challenges, or other major issues in an agency, it is often invaluable to have an outside perspective to assist in defining the agency’s assets and areas for improvement. Periodic assessments of operations and management practices is also an important part of effective and professional planning for any law enforcement or public safety entity. We specialize in providing you expert analysis and recommendations for your agency through our organizational assessment process.

Our teams of assessors are hand-picked to fit with your unique challenges and issues. The entire process is designed to provide you with straight answers to your concerns, practical suggestions and solutions for your challenges, and a roadmap to get you on a path to a high level of performance.

The organizational assessment process includes all or some of the following services:

  • Citizen satisfaction and opinion surveys
  • Employee satisfaction and opinion surveys
  • On-site assessments from law enforcement and public safety experts reviewing a comprehensive list of operational and management issues
  • Recommendations from our executive team
  • Follow-on consulting work to assist you with implementation of recommendations
  • Planning Facilitation and Organizational Change consulting

Call us to discuss your specific needs and issues and receive a customized proposal for assessment of your agency.