Class Title: Creating A High Performing Organization and Training Unit

Location: San Bernardino, CA – hosted by the San Bernardino, California Sheriff’s Office

Description: A one-day, dynamic class for law enforcement leaders and training supervisors/managers who want to improve their agency, plan for future leadership of the agency and produce more successful outcomes for their communities. The first half of the class focuses on techniques for assessing your agency and putting in place proven systems that are known to create successful outcomes for truly high performing organizations. Agency and employee performance measures and employee retention also discussed. The second half of the class covers the keys to putting in place an effective professional development program and systematic training plan for your agency. Tools, techniques, forms and key processes are provided. This class is a MUST for any training manager who wants to get away from “I got a flyer – can I go to this class?” to a true training program that addresses key needs in the organization and makes maximize use of your limited training dollars

Date: March 30, 2012

Instructed by Captain Randy Barnes

Cost: $150 per person

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