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Elective Hours:  16

Location: Nampa, ID Police Department
Instructed By: Chief Mike Blair
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Strength and Resiliency through Service, Discipline and Human Dynamics

Let’s face it—Law Enforcement is a tough career. The statistics are stacked against us for getting through it with our lives, our health, our marriages, and our own sense of self intact and thriving. In this era of ever-increasing scrutiny and challenges, this program will give you fresh new insights into the skills, tools and approach needed to be resilient, effective and have a sense of satisfaction throughout your career. Don’t reach burnout! Reach for tools to enjoy your career til the end!


  • Understand the why of what we do, not who or what
  • How to manage risk both professional and personal—less and more, not right or wrong
  • Practical tools to implement a healthier lifestyle specific to public safety responders
  • How to identify strengths; improve spirituality; boost physical activity
  • The hows and whys of isolation prevention
  • Keys for thriving long term an avoiding burnout
  • How to lead highly resilient teams and coach team members
  • Case studies of programs being implemented by other agencies


This course is designed for all levels of law enforcement and public safety who want to face their careers with an attitude of hope, service, discipline, and enthusiasm and want to learn skills and techniques to navigate the career without burnout. The program gives a new way of thinking about law enforcement stress management, resiliency, and health. Learn from someone who has been there about how to face the career with an attitude of hope and use practical and tried and true tools to stay on top of your game. Through direct, dynamic presentations, candid discussions, relevant case study, and informative group exercises, this course gets to the heart of challenges we face and the tools to stay strong and resilient. This course is taught by one of PLI’s most charismatic and dynamic instructors who has years of law enforcement experience in first line supervisory, mid-management and executive roles, leading patrol teams, specialty teams, special projects and more.


You may cancel a registration up to 25 days prior to the class date and will receive a refund less a $25 cancellation fee. Cancellations made less than 25 days before the class date will receive a credit for a future class (good for one year) but will not receive a refund.

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